Everyone has to start somewhere. I started a few years ago writing about things using a blog similar to this one. I will soon retire from my day job and thought I might try fiction.

I grew up with my nose between the pages of books. I remember fondly of owning a lockable attache where I would store my favorites for reading over and over again. My love of reading still shines brightly and I would love nothing more than to create my own for the pleasure of stories, writing and entertainment.

This blog is to be my training hall. I will study diligently and then attempt to create short stories of fiction for anyone who would dare to enter the darkest of rooms, my mind of imagination.

Venture forth my friends, enjoy and if you find it pleasing - return at your leisure for more.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Winter’s Spell

Winter, snow deep enough to make a deep dish pizza cry. A group of guys, a boyfriend not a true friend, a girlfriend who just wanted the boyfriend to love her and a Marine with integrity and a willingness to step up when the need arises.

A mixture influenced by group dynamics and the expectation of sex and violence.

An episodic sexual encounter leaving a women exposed and vulnerable.

A moment in time that would change everyone's life.

A gathering of forces that would create a dangerous mixture leading to one way of life or another. Except the moral fiber that led to just one group member to take charge and redirect the group toward a morally higher ground that would allow just one person the safety to leave and avoid both conflict and the violence that would have followed.

A boyfriend who lost his way and a woman who forget her instincts. The man taking advantage of the kindness and love of another then leaving her exposed to a wolf like pack easily led by their heads toward a violent act that would lead to grave bodily and psychological harm of an innocent. It is so easy for a group to be led astray, a state of the group that allows its dynamics to become dangerous. When the right suggestion is presented at just the right time it often leads to things many in the group would consider as morally wrong causing guilt that the group forgot in the moment.

A woman left alone in a dark room, a man who led the group down a bad road and then those in the group approaching the dark room with nefarious and dangerous thoughts without regard for the safety and well being of another human.

One man with a solid sense of self who has led a life separate from a need to belong, belonging being a group need and a sense of self developed over time from living a life with great intestinal fortitude toward justice and good. As the group fostered and promoted the dynamic they grew nastier and meaner othering the woman in the room until she became nothing, a piece of meat meant to be devoured to fill the stomach of a monkey whose only gaol is to hurt and take and dominate while satisfying some base need not necessarily of a sexual nature but one of status as perceived in the moments group needs. Call is a spell cast by an animal like hunting process that goes way beyond any real need of survival.

One man who moved into harms way as a group on the hunt hell bent on doing violence can turn quickly into a dangerous situation where one man could become a target of grave harm or death. Facing the growling snarling drooling wolf pack mentality and insinuating a sense of right to deescalate and redirect a group force toward a more acceptable social act simply by taking a stance and exposing the groups intent for what it is, the wrong intent and act. To go against the group, a group with a strong connection and pull and to take action to move a group into another direction when the group dynamics has such a strong instinctual hold on its members. To be a member who can hold on to a more acceptable way and actually get them to move away from this action and to take on another makes for a strong mind, body and spirit. It is about becoming a strong and influential leader, an alpha, who can make a difference that will affect the group but also effect the groups target.

… stay tuned