Everyone has to start somewhere. I started a few years ago writing about things using a blog similar to this one. I will soon retire from my day job and thought I might try fiction.

I grew up with my nose between the pages of books. I remember fondly of owning a lockable attache where I would store my favorites for reading over and over again. My love of reading still shines brightly and I would love nothing more than to create my own for the pleasure of stories, writing and entertainment.

This blog is to be my training hall. I will study diligently and then attempt to create short stories of fiction for anyone who would dare to enter the darkest of rooms, my mind of imagination.

Venture forth my friends, enjoy and if you find it pleasing - return at your leisure for more.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Violent Person, That's Me

The chair is hard, made of metal and hard woods. It has straps similar to the old electric chairs to hold a person fast and mostly immovable. It is not electric but the end results as I sit here bound tighter then a too small girdle waiting for the opportunity, the chance, to do what I do best. Oh yea, I am a violent person and I do it well. At least I have been given time to consider my plight, make a plan and when the opening arrives - it always arrives - I can exploit it. 

Why am I here? Well, because, as I stated, I am a violent person. I do things that most human beings find repulsive. It is the type of thing that society wants desperately when they are endangered yet when no danger is evident they tend to want me gone. It is strange, I don’t think like other people. I can fake it to fit in. At least I could fake it before the first time I took that step across the line and made violence my buddy. Even that statement will make most squirm and fidget in their comfortable lounge chairs. It is about accepting it when they think it is either necessary or simply a movie directors imagination put on film. 

When I say I am a violent person I tend to mean also that I have been cursed and blessed with certain physical and psychological traits that allow me to do things that others will find impossible. I am not a psychopath or anything like that but there is similarities that I use to help me do things that need doing. 

I realize that I have to do what the group wants in order to belong. When I say belong, I mean that I live within the cultural confines of that group simply to have a place to live. I could live separately but that tends to become difficult when you need certain things to eat and obtain medical services, etc. 

Oh, did I tell you - I am a Marine. Now, don’t go thinking that the Marines have anything to do with what I am. They provided me the exact same training that all Marines get. I was expected to perform within those constraints set by the various codes of conduct for all military to include those imposed to govern hostilities be they in war or police actions. One difference, my perspective of all that was similar to the ancient warrior generals of early Chinese history. 

Let me explain, there was a famous philosopher and general who was asked by the Emperor how he would conduct his business regarding war. The general explained but the Emperor could not fully comprehend what it meant to go to war, to win. The general said he could train anyone to be a good soldier and to fight and win any war. The stipulation was once the Emperor declared war and put the onus on the general to go out and finish it the genaral stated that once he left with his directive the needs, wants or influences of the Emperor stopped. 

The emperor then asked what that meant. The general stated that war was his domain while the kingdom was the Emperor’s. Once the general took to the battle field all he did and all he accomplished was his total and complete domain with no interferences from anyone including the Emperor. The Emperor accepted those terms.

Then the question of the generals ability to lead the forces, any one as a soldier. In order to demonstrate the general said the Emperor could assign anyone to him and then direct him to train that force to do what it took to win the war. 

The emperor thinking he could really test that generals abilities chose his wives and consorts. The general, once more, stated that once he gave over the Emperors wives and consorts that the Emperor could not interfere no matter what. The Emperor agreed and made it a decree that all his wives and consorts were now soldiers for the day.

The general had the soldiers make a formation of three squads in a military formation. They tended to move slowly and giggled due to their feelings of embarrassment, etc. When they didn’t move and form fast enough the general then stated that three of the soldiers taking the lead of each squad and were responsible for their soldiers following orders. He then instructed them again to what he required then ordered the leaders to make it happen. 

Once again, the slowness, the confusion and the giggling got in the way. The general then ordered that the three leaders be immediately executed. He had their heads cut off in front of the others. The Emperor was shocked and dismayed and tried to order the general to stop. The Emperor was reminded of his decree. The process was repeated and lo-n-behold all the soldiers immediately stopped the slowness and the giggling and followed orders quickly and with out question. The point was made. Politics were to be strictly separated from war and the warriors were left, once unloosed, to do what was necessary to get the job done, the war won. 

What I am trying to convey here is that for me, it was a matter of separation. It was a matter of doing whatever was necessary to get the job done and win the war, regardless of what others think or what politicians wanted or needed. It became the distinction that once I was unloosed upon the world with the need and mandate to use violence, I used it as it was meant to be used. 

As I said, I am a violent man and all this other oopla is why I am sitting in this chair at this moment. An attempt to curb the proverbial “dog of war” to fit the agenda’s of those who would not know violence even when it bit them in the face. The type of violence I would unleash like a junk yard dog protecting life, property and family. Once the dog is released you can not expect to control its ferocity and instinct to “get the job done.”

Don’t get me wrong. Before they let me loose if there were any possible means to achieving the goals needed that strategy was discussed and used but if it was found to “not get the job done” then it was discarded and the dog is let loose. 

I kept telling them that, like the general with the Emperor, once you turn me loose I don’t and won’t answer or respond to anyone. I warned them and got their approval even knowing deep down when the deed is done they were going to go ballistic with how I got things done. 

Stayed tuned in for the next installment :-)