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I grew up with my nose between the pages of books. I remember fondly of owning a lockable attache where I would store my favorites for reading over and over again. My love of reading still shines brightly and I would love nothing more than to create my own for the pleasure of stories, writing and entertainment.

This blog is to be my training hall. I will study diligently and then attempt to create short stories of fiction for anyone who would dare to enter the darkest of rooms, my mind of imagination.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

OFF TOPIC: The E.U.: The “Earth Union”

Holy Crap, where is this guy headed now? Well, I have been studying for a while now about events happening all over our wonderful planet. I have also taken into consideration that the Universe is about birth-life-death. In Earth’s history there have been many great nations, unions and countries that were born of necessity, had wonderful growth and prosperity and then in time always, I mean always, went into decline until the slipped over the tip and fell into oblivion. 

Take for instance the Roman Empire, it went through the same process as is nature to humans and to nature and to the very Universe itself. It has been long gone, into oblivion or history, and other great efforts of human kind were born and grew to replace them all.

Even we humans are tied to nature’s cycles of being born, growing and prospering and then slipping into the elder years only to finally die in the end, it is inevitable and unavoidable no matter how we dream of everlasting life in our fictional works. It is the way and the way is invincible.

Our way of life today is on the tipping point of something. I suspect, I feel it deep in my gut - my gut feelings tell me, that our time, the time of today’s countries, unions and governments is about to tip over the very edge - there is just over the edge, the horizon of history, a mass movement by nature and the Universe that will make an opening for a new way - the Earth Union. 

All the signs say that in order for our species to survive we all have to make peace with that and come together into a world economic social community where we all have to remain exclusively our own people AND get along as a Union to achieve mutual prosperity of the entire world, the Earth.

When it all comes to its inevitable end the only way to survive is to allow it to happen so we can make room for the “One Unified Earth” or “The Earth Union.” 

It will require all of us to come to together to agree and create the EU then take all of the worlds separate constitutions or other such important ideologies that make each country, union and government good, moral and workable and create just, “One Earth Union Constitution,” that will allow an EU Leadership Team, i.e., EULT, to build a constitution as their first mandate that will be accepted by all the Earths Unions into one whole EU. Its name doesn’t even have to be, “Constitution,” as long as the name is symbolic and acceptable to all the Unions as a whole without egoistic personal feelings and beliefs. It must embrace all of us while allowing each socially driven belief system to maintain each Union as a whole much like our United States and the European Union and so on. 

The current governments, unions and countries shall remain governing as if separate yet unified as a whole where the separate Unions, like the states now, continue with their own internal unions with adjustments to not violate the EULT but still in full and complete consideration for each Union as if a separate tribe or clan so all Unions survive but with a need to connect with other Unions making for a UE or United Earth. 

The EULT shall also embrace such ideology that will allow expansion in some distant future when the time arrives that we can once again migrate to other world so Humans, all humans regardless, can move out into the Universe guaranteeing human existence can continue in those thousands of years future when our system like all things, finally tip past and down into oblivion. 

Is this fiction or is this our future or are we ordained and destined to repeat our pasts until we finally end the human species and the very meek and other species take over the Earth existing I might add very well without our interference. Is this the destiny of humans or can be achieve more by The Earth Union and onward out to the very stars themselves. 

Honestly, with the current movement of social existence on such a mass scale that I feel in my gut, if we don’t change soon I see oblivion just over the horizon and like many who think like this others will simply label them as conspiracy theorists or just plain nuts. I have to wonder if there we others in history such as a Roman who had the same thoughts only to witness either in his or her time or the time of their children when Rome fell - remember, it fell hard too. 

Have a Great Day!

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